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patriots 65 to 81

josh q. public

“For the public, by The Public. Irreverent sports opinion from a Bostonian in New York. The one blog to read, when you’re reading more than one.” – josh q. public

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Simple template with well picked and well laid out images. I like the entire look except for the header, which seems a bit out of place with it’s plainness.

User Friendliness – 10

Very user friendly with its organized sidebar, very specific categories, readable text, and consistent content layout. Regular readers can always head right to their favorites part of the content because of the consistent layout before reading the entire entry.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Great reading material for sports fanatics. If you are not into sports keep out but if you are this is one interesting and fun blog to read. Not your run-of-the-mill sports blog. From the quotes to the You Tube videos, josh q. public will surely give you something to enjoy.

Useful Info – 10

Sports galore. Plenty of information here from the players and teams to the plays and even trivial stuff. If it’s anything related to ball sports you’ll find it here. However if you are into just one game and want a daily dose of your favorite game you’ll do well to supplement your josh q. public reading with a more concentrated blog.

Overall Experience – 10

Sports fans, subscribe to this blog. People who know nothing about sports, this blog has nothing to offer you. Excellent sports blog.

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