Da Greyscale World


Da Greyscale World

The Greyscale World is the blog of a 23 year old girl living in the middle of Bangkok. Her profile is as plain as that and sadly the blog is mostly just that too.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The blog is supposed to be the greyscale world but there’s a lot of clue going round. The blog’s look needs working on. A greyscale world can be prettier than this for sure. Too plain. Too boxy. Then the pictures jump out and add color but they still seem out of place. The only thing I really liked about the blog’s look is the top half of the header, the author’s profile image, and the occasional pretty photo (as seen above) taken by the author.

User Friendliness – 9

It might not look nice but it sure is user friendly. There isn’t a lot going on at the sidebar making it very easy to navigate. The font makes reading very eyes-friendly. The blog loads fast enough.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

I enjoyed some of her posts though a lot of them were peppered with typos and obvious grammatical errors. I wonder why the author like to put the letter S at the end of words when they don’t need it. Topics are pretty much varied with the author writing about anything that strikes her fancy and yet the good variety of topics fails to make this blog really interesting.

Useful Info – 7

A good thing about this blog is that the author seems to like sharing information of gadgets and other interesting stuff to her readers. From the Diana camera to her new phone and DVDs you will find something a bit useful here.

Overall Experience – 7

This blog isn’t something you would really want to visit regularly unless you know the author. It is plain and does not have something new to offer nor is the writing good enough to draw you in. This blog needs to be revamped.

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