Jetting Through Life

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Jetting Through Life

Jetting Through Life and form one topic to the next, blog author Melissa takes her readers through the daily events in her life. Reading the post in Jetting Through Life reminded me of just how extraordinary and interesting ordinary lives can be with their own perspectives and a blend of serious and humorous events.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The blog uses a very nice color scheme and a simple two-column layout with a sidebar on the left and the main column for posts on the right. Font is darker blue on a light blue background but is still very readable and actually looks very pleasant. The blog somehow reminds of old striped pajamas in a good way, since old means comfy. Don’t get shocked with the images from the recent post on sex toys though because it’s all for a good cause almost all her other posts are really tame and contain non-graphic images.

User Friendliness – 9

The simple layout is very effective although it would be much better is she added a categories section on the left sidebar. Very readable and easy to navigate.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Jetting Through Life is a personal blog of a person who seems to have a fairly interesting life. Not that she’s living on the wild side. It just seems while reading her posts that she knows how to see the fun side of things and also takes nothing for granted making even the most ordinary events somewhat interesting.

Useful Info – 5

No real useful information here. If you are a mom though her insights or questions can be useful to you. Information tidbits can also be found scattered in different blog posts though providing the information was just really incidental with the telling of the story.

Overall Experience – 8

Jetting Through Life is a classic sample of a personal journal that beckons others to read because of the universal yet utterly unique experiences of the author. As attested by the site meter map people from all over the world find reading Jetting Through Life a worthy activity to pass their time.

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