Jane Loves Tarzan

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Jane Loves Tarzan

Jane is a blogaholic who enjoys writing about odd things, her political opinions, and day-to-day experiences, including those that have to do with trips to the psychiatrist’s clinic. You see, Jane has bipolar disorder and fortunately her blogging habits and an online community of people with the same condition help her cope.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The overall design is very pleasant to the eyes – unless you hate mint green, of which there is an abundance of. Different components are properly sorted, with no oversized ads that look out of place. This must be what one would refer to as a well-kept site.

User Friendliness – 9

Navigation through this site is a breeze, as it’s easy to locate everything. The search bar could be better placed high up on the page, though.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

On one post, Jane admits to talking too much, and the energy she accumulates from not being able to talk when she’s alone is probably where she gets the fuel to continue writing about her condition, among other things. A good part of the site, though, is dedicated to writing about relationships, loved ones, and the domestic life, so unless you know Jane very well, it may be difficult to relate.

User Info – 10

You’ll find a good deal of practical information and some funny and strange anecdotes on coping with and treatment of bipolar disease, as well as a handful of links that can help in dealing with the condition.

Overall Experience – 9

Though it isn’t so obvious, the site has a noble mission of informing people about bipolar disorder or manic depression, and it succeeds without strictly keeping to the topic.