Meeyotch, a self-confessed trivia guru, writes most of the time about strange current events going on. That makes this blog an excellent resource for conversation starters if you’re going out to dinner and have had your head in a cloud for a few days. It is written honestly and insightfully, with a very personal and self-effacing tone.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The layout is kept simple, spruced up by well chosen photos (plus some great cartoons of the recent embassy burnings- definitely worth a visit right now). The white text against the dark background in the menu makes it easy on the eyes, while the small type definitely does not. In general it is decent, if a bit conservative.

User Friendliness – 8

The site is easy to navigate, as it only contains two months’ worth of posts. In the future, though, readers will have to visit a different page to see a complete list of archives, instead of finding direct links within the main page.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

For the most part, posts are kept short and simple. The enjoyment mostly comes from digesting fresh topics that are not discussed in your everyday blog these days – almost as if they are too “newsy” to be blogworthy, if that makes sense an upside down sort of way! Such is the current nature of the blogosphere…

User Info – 8

The handful of posts currently on the site have already covered quite a variety of topics, including the author’s recommended games for Nintendo DS, some Chuck Norris “facts” and tips to improving your blog. Nudge, nudge…

Overall Experience – 8

This blog is generally worth visiting for its quirky content, although Meeyotch leaves us wanting more, while promising less. A definite 8, with a note that a future Bloggy Award could be in store here with a bit more effort.