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Sometimes snarky, sometimes cheerful, sometimes deep, sometimes jolly. Always interesting. Jack Of All Blogs holds its place in the history of the blogosphere as a blog with personality. We’ve been following this blog’s development since it first came about and evolved into different things. Actually, the blog has already changed hands several times–sometimes temporarily-but it still never fails to stir up a storm in whatever topic the authors write about. Controversies aside, this is one good source of opinions and insider info on various things, mostly relating to the blogosphere.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Jack Of All Blogs uses an orange-based custom theme for WordPress. The authors say it’s a “uniquely designed” theme, and one would appreciate a change from the usual, stock WordPress or Blogger themes once in a while. The authors are also fond of using images on each post, and this helps attract the attention of readers, and aids in visualizing whatever idea the author wants to bring forth. The blog’s front page only contains excerpts, and this helps in keeping it clean especially with some posts being long. However, I have an issue with some of the post text not having uniform line spacing. Perhaps this is something a little tweaking would solve.

User Friendliness – 10

The blog has excellent navigability, with large “home” and “contact us” buttons at the header. Each post title on the home or archives page also serves as the permalink. In terms of readability, the site also excels, with the high contrast and relatively large fonts used. Links to the archives and other sites within the network are also prominently displayed on the sidebar.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

If you know the history of Jack Of All Blogs, you would be aware of the controversies it had been involved in the past. The opinions posted are quite strong, and it’s either you’re for “JOAB” (as Jack Of All Blogs is fondly called) or against it. Lately, though, the authors had been on the more serious side. But this doesn’t keep things from being interested and enjoyable. One thing I like is how the blog posts series of interesting features and featurettes, like the recent Top 20 Jacks, where different people (or things) named “Jack” are featured–quite appropriate for a site named Jack Of All Blogs!

Useful Info – 9

Jack Of All Blogs is more about opinion and expression than information. But you would still learn a lot from what the team of authors write here. It’s mostly about the blogosphere and “Web 2.0” (even “Web 3.0,” if that means anything to you)You can get a healthy serving of insider information and opinion on all things about blogs, blog networks, and the web. And there’s even talk about cowboys!

Overall Experience – 10

Jack Of All Blogs deserves a place in your bookmarks folder because of that right mix of snark, humor, and serious musings. In a nutshell, it’s a cool site you shouldn’t miss. JOAB deserves a Bloggy Award!

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