Hook and Sinker


Line, Hook and Sinker

Take a peek into the life of Suhendra, an Asian student living in States and having the time of his life doing what any regular college Asian dude does in the land of milk and honey.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

It looks clean and it’s green with pretty flowers to boot! At first I thought I was reading a girl’s blog until I clicked on the FAQ and was pleasantly surprised that Su is indeed of the male species. His Flickr photos tucked neatly on the bottom-right reveal that he’s into nature photography hence the pretty header (so that explains it! Whew!).

User Friendliness – 8

Aside from the basics, Su has added an About the Blog and FAQ to give the readers a more in-depth background on his personality, pretty helpful and mildly amusing to say the least. There’s also a Donate Money link for all those who would like to contribute money and further Su‘s cause, goodluck there pal!

Reading Enjoyment – 6

The posts are usually short and slick. You get the feel of how his day went, his current rant/rave/obsession or just ordinary ramblings of this Asian dude. The links and visuals are pretty cool if you get them to load up.

Useful Info – 5

Slim pickings, doesn’t really offer much on anything else.

Overall Experience – 7

Su, Suhendra, UncleSu, ConstantlySu. His blog’s design reflects his artsy, photographer side while his writings reveal his college kid, boy-meets-world persona. According to his profile, the moniker ConstantlySu is there to remind him of who he really is. KudoSU!

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