3 Is The Charm


3 is the charm

A Christian toast to married life and the “never say never” attitude. With glasses clinking publicly expressing gratitude to his wife, and sharing basic instructions before leaving earth, this blog reads like a journal as it takes you through day to day experiences, observations, reactions, and emotions, doused by a fairly large amount of Biblical quotes.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

Simple and purple. What’s with this guy and purple anyway? Has it just been named the new color of the religious? Whatever the case, it’s definitely poles apart from its Barney-ish sister blog (yes, that’s a compliment).

User Friendliness – 7

What’s not to like? Nothing extraordinary but the plain look actually creates a direct-to-the-point feel. Interesting ads include a bible mp3 and Quickverse Bible Cd.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Nowhere near Nobel Peace Prize, but the glaring honesty and profession of love leaves one with a smile on the lips. Those with an aversion to religious tones however should stay away.

User Info – 8

Newly hitched couples on a budget would find this site interesting. Loads of bed and breakfast recommendations plus nuggets of wisdom for character-building.

Overall Experience – 7

The healthy mix of love, humor, and faith makes one slip into daydream mode- all the while thinking whether the number 3 would also turn out to be their charm. Not just in the marrying sense, though.