In The Outer

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In the Outer

An online Chicken Soup for the Soul, discussing ethics, spirituality, theology, faith, church, meditations and life journey. In his words, an ordinary bloke standing in the outer – reflecting, rethinking, retelling: life, faith, business, and culture.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Magazine-chic layout. Somewhat cluttered but good placement of sections saves the page. Nothing overboard. No tacky images linking other sites. Good mix of colors give off the feeling of understated elegance.

User Friendliness – 9

Okay load-up. No complicated sub-links and a no-nonsense ads section makes this site a keeper.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Caters to a very select group. Though it has several global current event topics, this blog remains to be dominantly faith-centered though not necessarily conservative.

User Info – 6

For those sharing the author’s interest, this site is a mine of gold. Included are recommended readings and interesting discussions. For the recommended readings section, a short background information is provided for books such as Blink, Foreign Bodies, Grace and Law, Linked and several other interesting reads.

Overall Experience – 7

Has a baseball pitch feel to it, keeping up with its “in the outer” title. Faith and religion isn’t discussed in a hush-hush, spiritual manner but in a normal tone that leaves you with an uneasy feeling. Uneasy but moved.