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Bloggy Award Winner!


Home Exchange Travel

Have home, will travel! This blog is all about the latest thing in travel – home exchange. Here, you’ll find an interesting blend of true stories, answers and advice of those who’ve dared to go on a home exchange vacation. Appealing, fresh and very informative, if this well-written blog doesnt convince you that this is the next vacation to take, I’ll eat my hat.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Good sense of colours, visually easy on the eye and with just the right amount of photos and amusing cartoons to back up the text, I’d say they hit the nail right on the head.

User Friendliness – 9

Very easy to find your way around the site, and if you’re looking for something specific like “Books” on home exchange for instance, it should be a breeze. Everything was neatly arranged and well organised – nothing too fussy, and very sensible indeed.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

If you love travel and love the home as I do, you should love this site, as I did! It really gives great insight on this non-mainstream way to travel – portraying it as a fantastic way to really experience a new place, especially fantastic for families (imagine your kids delight at having another child’s toys at their disposal!), not to mention easy on the budget. I thoroughly enjoyed sifting through every morsel in this highly readable site.

User Info – 10

Really tells you everything you need to know about Home Exchange – from the first-hand experiences all around the world, to immensely helpful links and resources (for those who would like to try it for themselves), to funny little bits and pieces like the one about the bottle-nosed whale in London’s Thames.

Overall Experience – 10

A superb blog all round, and also with a conscience as it touches on the effects of tourism on the local environment. Travel the Home Exchange way is up to date, informed, and engaging – a deserved Bloggy Winner!!