Homesick Pinay

April Zara

Diary of A Homesick Pinay

A diary of a Filipino-Chinese girl living in Singapore. Get ready to see a lot of April Zara in her blog. And though she claims to be homesick she looks pretty much at home in all of her pictures. All smiles.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Lots of pretty pictures of a pretty girl. Nice collage for the header and a template that showcases the photos well.

User Friendliness – 9

Fast-enough loading time though it lags at times due to the many images. Simple and easy navigation. The division of her profile, photos, and audio is a good idea although she doesn’t have any audio files uploaded and she posts so many pictures in her blog she might as well not use the photo album section since it becomes redundant.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Posts are of a personal nature. Though April Zara is pretty enough you’ll probably get tired of scanning her pictures entry after entry.

Useful Info – 5

Not much useful stuff here. Like most personal blogs you’ll find something useful in some entries.

Overall Experience – 7

A personal photoblog. The entries are ok but the blog looks more like a personal photo album and is not something a stranger would really enjoy visiting on a regular basis. Family and friends who live far away will surely enjoy reading the blog as it gives them a glimpse of her life in Singapore.