Crazed and Confused


Crazed and Confused

“Life’s made for living, even when you’re crazy.” – Maybelline Jones

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Nice looking template. Uncluttered and neat. With enough colorful images to liven the blog up.

User Friendliness – 8

Fast loading time. Easy to navigate due to the uncluttered sidebar. Font a little bit hard to read due to the spacing. No link to previous posts at the end of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

An anonymous personal blog. The entries are well written but usually too long. There is much negativity in this blog with the rants and whines. Although the stories are sometimes interesting a daily dose of negativity isn’t what you can classify as enjoyable.

Useful Info – 7

Although this blog is more like a rant blog, you’ll find some useful info here like a picture of the heimlich maneuver. Of course it isn’t really the point of the entry but you will find something useful once in a while.

Overall Experience – 7

A nice enough looking blog with well written posts. I didn’t reallty find the blog that enjoyable with all the whining. The author needs to take her own advice to “Quit whining already and get on with it!”. A little positivty might work.

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