Friday’s Child

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Friday’s Child

Friday’s Child lives in meme country. She can’t seem to get enough of memes. And in this blog meme country is indeed very colorful both in content and literally. Check the blog out yourself to see what I mean.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The first thing I thought we I saw the blog was that I stumbled on a circus blog. But no it’s to cutesy to be circus-themed. Everything in this blog is REALLY girly with all the pink and glittering lights. It would have been cute but it’s just too much. Friday’s Child needs to be toned down. My advice: Take down some of the animated graphics and go for just a bit less color. You wouldn’t believe how colorful this blog is until you see it for yourself.

User Friendliness – 7

The loading time can make me scream. Though it didn’t really take minutes to load a page it still took a lot longer than an optimized blog should. Again it’s all those graphics. The posts are readable though and fairly navigable. Categories would have been helpful.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The author is really into blog communities. She participates in Monday Memories, Thankful Thursday, Thursday Thirteen, All Blog Stars, Blogging Chicks, Blogs of Summer,and Friday Feast. Her lists and entries are very interesting though. Even her personal entries are interesting since they are usually written to accompany a pic for Monday Memories or as part of Thankful Thursday.

User Info – 10

Lots and lots of exotic information here. Want to know more about the Philippines and what you can really find there? Drop by this blog. Just choose any of her Thursday Thirteen posts and you will surely learn a thing or two. If you are squeamish you might want to skip some of the exotic food lists though.

Overall Experience – 8

A blog with lots of interesting content. The author is very descriptive when listing down things and explaining her pics too so even non-Filipinos can appreciate her entries. She’s got a big problem with her blog’s look though. Colorful is nice and refreshing but she needs to lessen the animated stuff to make it easier to get around and keep from stealing the focus from her posts.

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