BloggLess is a new technology blog that focuses on software development. Authored by Ivana Zuber, the site aims to update readers with the latest on software and provide tips. In the future, the blog hopes to expand to other topics including online education and personality development.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

On first visit, the site is pleasant to look at but when you stay longer, it starts to look very busy particularly with the many images on the home page. The fast changing of the slideshow on the top part of is a bit distracting. Perhaps, the time interval for the changing of slides should be made longer to make them more eye-friendly.

User Friendliness – 9

It’s easy to navigate through BloggLess as all the links are functioning. The titles of the blog posts on the home page can be clicked to bring readers to the entire writeup. The running text on the topmost part mostly titles of blog posts are also clickable.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The blog’s content particularly the blog posts is very useful and well written. Author Ivana Zuber does a great job in writing her posts that are easy to read and understand. Despite being a new site, she gets her message across successfully.

Useful Info – 10

In this technology driven world, the information provided on BloggLess is very valuable. Software developers and those aspiring to become one can gain a lot of insight from author Ivana Zuber.

Overall Experience – 9

On the whole, BloggLess is proving to be a technology site worth following moving forward. With a little tweak of the images and the columns (lesser is better for both), this software development blog can continue to gain readers.

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