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Google Tutor

At first glance, today?s top search engine, Google, seems the minimalist affair. True enough, itself does not have many bells and whistles on its home page. You get a clear, clean black-on-white interface, of course with that signature colorful Google logo. Who would know that it goes deeper than this? Google, after all is more than just search?and even the search aspect itself is so rich with features and functionality that the average user would perhaps only touch on a minute aspect of this powerful Web tool.

Enter Google Tutor.

It?s a blog all about Google! And it?s not just like the shallow common, I love Google type of blog. Google Tutor actually goes in depth and tries to explain to the reader in layman?s terms how to maximise use of the various functionalities of the slew of Google services, and also news on what the search expert has been up to lately.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

Recently redesigned, Google Tutor now features a cleaner, lighter interface. There are adverts on some areas, but the focus area is always on the copy, which is readable enough, so we don?t mind the presence of some sponsored links. The colour scheme is eye-catching, and so is the placement of elements on the three-column layout. Some posts have relevant images on them, which I find appealing and likely to catch the attention of the reader.

User Friendliness ? 10

In terms of readability and navigability, Google Tutor fares well. The links to the important and interesting articles are prominently placed above-the-fold, meaning it?s viewable even without having to scroll thru the site. The essential links, such as static post links, external links, and important advice are also prominently marked and are easy to find. The site is also categorized into the various Google services, so one can easily find tips or updates on his topic of interest. The copy size and contrast are also adequately readable.

Google Tutor also caters well to both technically-adept readers and also those not too well-versed with technology. You won?t feel lost, from whatever side of the spectrum you are coming.

Reading Enjoyment ? 10

Who doesn?t love Google these days? Many are quite curious as to how to maximise their Google experience, and Google Tutor is the first place to visit for useful and entertaining takes on what?s new with Google. Expect regular updates and witty remarks from Google Tutor?s talented set of writers.

Useful Info ? 10

Google Tutor is as useful as there is a vast set of Google applications. In short, you won?t run out of useful insights and updates from for the simple reason that Google is also a vast store of knowledge in itself. From the latest updates to the most in-depth of special commands, to unpublished functionalities or supposedly secret hacks and workarounds, this blog has it all.

Overall Experience ? 10

Google Tutor deserves a Bloggy Award for being able to demystify the magic that is Google and explain its intricacies in a language not alien to the rest of us who are not experts in technology, and still pack a wallop for people looking for more than your usual default Google functionality. This is a blog you?ll surely want to bookmark and visit regularly.