Better Living


Better Living Through Chemistry

Informative and entertaining, this blog is written by someone who seems to enjoy sharing a lot of stored knowledge, new discoveries, or simply stuff that interest him. A family man, he shares details about himself and his famly which altogether make going through his blog like visiting with friends.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

Visually, the predominantly pale green blog is nothing outstanding. However, it uses large photos to draw attention to its posts and this is effective in combining the elements of content and design.

User Friendliness ? 6

The blog is navigable and friendly and its neat layout makes it very easy for the reader to read and find his way about. The language used is impeccable but not stiff.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

The posts are very interesting and cover a wide range of topics with each topic accompanied by appropriate visuals. Despite the diverse topics, everything is strewn together in a fun way that keeps readers entertained. A pleasant exchange via the comments and a chat box is also available.

Useful Info ? 7

The writer provides useful links for his readers.

Overall Experience ? 8

This is a good blog where one can learn things from or, at the very least, find an enjoyable way to while away the time. It definitely deserves to be bookmarked.