A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor

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A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor
A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor is the blog of AK71, whose aim is to secure a financial future for himself. In his blog, he shares his experience in trying to grow his wealth and create a steady (passive) stream of income.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
The color scheme of A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor is quite pleasant – various hues of green. First impression: the blog looks stark. If you think about it though, the simplicity matches the central idea of the blog. I suggest a more striking header, though, as well as a few more images here and there. Another suggestion is to balance out the contents of the columns, as most columns have lots of content while the third column has too much “white space.”

User Friendliness – 10
A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor is very very easy to navigate. The four-column structure makes it easy to find relevant links – both within the blog and outside of it. Load times were not a problem either.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I have to be honest and say I didn’t really find myself enjoying the posts, but I cannot take this against the blogger; after all, I have no inclination towards stocks whatsoever. Going through the content, however, I am pretty sure that like minded people will find the blog quite enjoyable to read.

Useful Info – 10
As ignorant as I am when it comes to investing, I was able to pick up tidbits of information from A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor. I can just imagine how useful this blog will be to those who actually need information on the Singaporean stockmarket. From the blogger’s favorite companies to his strategies, you will find a lot in this blog.

Overall Experience – 9
A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor has loads of content that many will find useful. If you are into investing and the stockmarket, then you ought to bookmark this blog. If, however, you are not, then I suggest passing up on this one.



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