Frassy is the blog of an American girl studying at Durham University. She shares her experiences and insights in the blog – and as most of them revolve around fashion, I guess you can call this blog a fashion blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I believe that this is the strongest point of Frassy. The header alone makes you want to get a closer look at the blog. The posts are also smattered with a good helping of relevant photos, which, if you are into fashion, will satisfy you to the fullest.

User Friendliness – 8
I think that this is the area where Frassy can use some work. The formatting is generally fine but I would prefer the About Me section to be on the side and not above all the posts. More so, I had a difficult time navigating the blog because of the fact that the Archives section was way at the bottom of the page. I could not find a category/label section either.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Whether you are talking about pictures or text, Frassy has something fun to offer the reader. Though I am not much into fashion, all her narrations about Paris were enough to catch my attention.

Useful Info – 10
The focus of the blog is mainly fashion – with some literary insights thrown in. Considering this niche, I would say that you will glean a lot of information from the posts.

Overall Experience – 9
Frassy is quite visually enticing and enjoyable to browse through. If you love Paris and fashion, then you should bookmark this blog.


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