Fragile Musings


Fragile Musings

In our blog-crazy world, Fragile Musings pleasantly surprised me as “what a personal blog should be like“. Written honestly and interestingly, designed in an attractive fashion, and with the right dose of “extra stuff‘ as well as a fair amount of banter from visitors comments, this simple yet highly readable blog was in essence what we like best about blogs.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

One of my favourite things about this blog was its design. No annoying, flashing things, done throughout in a lovely mossy green shade with tastefully artistic touches, and with a good smattering of well-chosen photos. Really was a pleasure visually.

User Friendliness – 8

As with its great design and visual harmony, Fragile Musings had no problems navigation-wise, with all its sections (i.e. all me, because you love me, friends, enjoyable, etc) simply and cleverly titled, and neatly arranged, just waiting to be clicked upon. The only visible glitch was the “take my quiz” bit, which failed to do anything when clicked.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The 27-year old author of this blog is a self-confessed movie and television buff, and a highly opinionated one as well. Which is a good thing, as she gives some excellent film reviews, which are candid, heartfelt, and well-thought out. Much better than the ubiquitous “thumbs up, thumbs down“, I think.

User Info – 8

I often wonder how personal information like this should be rated (unless you’re the CIA or Hercule Poirot, perhaps), but as I obviously really liked this site, and found the quotes ( “It takes courage to show your dreams to someone elseErma Bombeck) to be especially useful, and rather inspiring, it still gets high marks in this category .

Overall Experience – 9

A great personal blog, we thought, one of the best ones out there. Good reading, superb design, and best of all, very refreshing. Definitely a place to bookmark and enjoy with a cosmo.