Footsteps in Mirror

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Footsteps in the Mirror

Looking back at life one waddle at a time. This is what Footsteps in the Mirror is all about. It enables the author and his readers to look see a glimpse of his everyday life and look back if they want to. If you want something new to read each day this is the blog to read since the author rarely fails to post at least once each day.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

One of the best looking blogs I’ve seen yet. The color scheme can be described in one word – green. It is nice to look at but what really makes the blog stand out is the layout. Very well thought out not just to look great but to be extremely functional as well.

User Friendliness -10

Very rarely do I give a 10 to any blog for usability but this one more than deserves it. Although is uses the seemingly corny two column layout with the sidebar found on the right a second look will reveal the very useful sidebar features usually not found in most blogs. It has a toughtpad, random photo gallery, most read posts, most recent comments, and the usual links. If you want to dig into the archives you can enter the extended archives section where you can see a thought cloud and of course the archives sorted out by date. Each feature is useful and easy to find. What else can you ask for?

Reading Enjoyment – 8

You’ll find really good interesting posts to read and some that are just ok. Since the author churns out content at a very regular rate though you can always opt to skip the not so interesting posts and enjoy the really good ones.

Useful Info – 6

Like most personal blogs Footsteps in the Mirror is not really concerned about dishing out information just to quench the readers’ thirst for knowledge. However there are of course some useful info one can garner from various posts.

Overall Experience – 8

Although the blog is obviously written by a smart guy it sometimes fails to entertain. It’s has one of the best layouts I’ve seen yet. If only for that Footsteps in the Mirror is worth checking out.

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