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Ask anyone to define the meaning of “geek,” and you’ll most likely hear responses that are related to computers and the Internet. However, geeks are not only about computers. Being a geek means having passion for whatever one is interested in, be it computers, cars, cartoons, anime, the arts. But in most cases, geeks are technologically-inclined and love their gadgets and tools. And this is what Bloggy Geek is all about. This is a blog about gadgets, technology news, software, cellphones, the Internet, and anything that each individual blogger is interested in, even fashion trends and gardening!

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Bloggy Geek uses the fSpring theme, which is a clean, orange-based two-column theme. The color scheme of the blog is very easy on the eyes, and the orange highlight of the headers and links attracts the readers to the important parts of the blog. The authors also use images and cliparts on each post, which helps the readers visualize what each article is about.

User Friendliness – 8

The dark-grey on light-grey color scheme of the blog’s main body does not provide for high contrast, and those with bad eyesight might have difficulty reading the relatively small typeface. Still, the blog has the standard WordPress features that give added usability to WP-powered blogs, such as static links on post titles, and archive navigation links on the sidebar, which are organized by category and date. The site also features easy-to-access links to other sites within the network, so users with different tastes and themes in mind can browse over to those sites at the click of the mouse.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Bloggy Geek is, as the title suggests, a blog for geeks. Being a Geek myself (my passion being cars and sci fi), I found Bloggy Geek enjoyable, because of its interesting reviews of gadgets, and the opinions it gives on current geek-related issues, such as software security (like Windows Vista), game consoles, and the rise in popularity of home entertainment systems. It’s a place where fanboys and fangirls can nurture their love of everything geek.

Useful Info – 9

Most updates and news tidbits on Bloggy Geek are usually the ones already found around news sites and blogs around the Web. But what’s exciting is the way the authors present these informative pieces, and how they provide their own inputs and opinion. The niche is a bit more focused towards the technology-related aspect of geekery, but the site has something that most will enjoy, even those from the non-technology side of geekdom.

Overall Experience – 9

Bloggy Geek is a blog I’ll come visit often because of the interesting content that geeks of all kind would be into. The blog needs a little improvement in the user-friendliness, though. We give Bloggy Geek high mark for great writing and great topics.

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