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Exploring The Realities Of Events
Exploring The Realities Of Events is a blog that offers various bits of news, book reviews, and other pieces of information. Random events that occur from all over the world can be read from this blog – and more.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Exploring The Realities Of Events looks neat overall. It does, however, seem to lack that certain “oomph.” Perhaps a better header and color scheme would do the trick.

User Friendliness – 9
Navigating Exploring The Realities Of Events is a breeze once you finally find the archives and categories section. One suggestion for the blogger – maybe the ads can be placed below the mentioned sections instead of taking up a lot of space on the upper part of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
The information presented in Exploring The Realities Of Events is unique and interesting enough. I actually found myself wondering at how some things could have happened! I think that the blogger’s writing style could be a bit more engaging and flowing, though.

Useful Info – 9
The news is always useful in its own way – even the quirkiest of information can have its use somehow. If all you are looking for light reading, then Exploring The Realities Of Events can provide it for you. What I find more useful are the posts about book reviews.

Overall Experience – 8
Exploring The Realities Of Events is a good way to exercise your brain if you are into pondering about certain things. You can also discover some good reads while browsing through this blog. Just a little tweaking here and there is needed.


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  1. Thanks for taking your time to browse through my blogs and I am very elated about the reviews and your encouraging comments.

    That award is even a big plus on my blogging prowess and I promise to improve more on the areas you have pointed out.

    may God bless you.