What is Espreson? According to the blog’s owner, “We all know the meaning of Expression “Expression without words“,but we can define Espreson as “Expression with words“. Meaning always matters to express something. Espreson is expressing itself with words, and is expressing its thought in different way, writing on Advertising, Promotion, Social networking to modern days web development topics.”

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The blog’s visuals are very simple. The only thing that takes away from this aspect is the cluttered impression that I seem to get, perhaps due to the arrangement of badges and links in the right column.

User Friendliness – 9
Despite the slightly cluttered look of the blog, it still is easy to find your way around it. The links to the archives, recent posts, and category cloud are easy to find. The pages do load up easily as well.

Reading Enjoyment – 6
Sad to say, I didn’t really enjoy reading the entries all that much. Perhaps the blogger could work on his writing style a little bit more. Also, since English is the main language used, the mastery of it could be worked on as well.

Useful Info – 10
There is a lot of useful information in Espreson – the blog does achieve its goal of catering to the specific niche it belongs to.

Overall Experience – 7
The concept behind Espreson has a lot of potential. The content is there, there just has to be some tweaking with respect to form and presentation of content.




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