Humanity with a touch of divinity- this is just what Eph2810 is. The blog’s author is fond of interspersing personal stories with lessons in faith. The blog is full of insightful discussions on life and Christian living, and on matters of the heart. The author often shares inspiring stories about living with grace. True enough, the passage from Ephesians Chapter 2, verses 8 to 10 is all about being saved by grace through faith.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The blog uses a red-themed design with a white background. While the blog is apparently published using Blogger, the author uses an alternative design (not a default template), which I find appealing and easy to the eye. Entries seem to be enclosed in their own borders, so it’s easy to distinguish one article from the other. The author is fond of attaching eye-catching graphics to each post, which I find likewise appealing, as the images blend well with the theme and with the text.

User Friendliness – 7

The blog’s readability and usability are average, but still need some improvement. The sidebar, located at the left, contains “about me” text, links and some short messages, but I find it a bit difficult to navigate the blog’s archives, as the links to monthly archives and recent articles are at the bottom part of the sidebar. The layout also lacks prominent “home” links and links to static pages, so you might have trouble navigating in case you land on static pages (from search engines or other bloggers’ links, for instance).

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Eph2810 never fails to come up with inspiring reads. If you’re feeling down, reading this blog will definitely help in lifting up your spirits. If you’re the optimistic type, then you would be in good company, as a handful of readers- many of whom are also bloggers- are fond of putting up great discussions in the comment threads.

Useful Info – 7

Eph2810 has a handful of links to other sites and blogs of similar themes, whether they be Christian-oriented or simply inspirational reads in general. The author is also fond of linking to photos and images of beautiful things, places and people.

Overall Experience – 8

Eph2810 is a blog that’s good to visit regularly. It’s a great read in terms of the inspirational messages and useful insights you can pick up. The blog is visually appealing, though not very easy to navigate. But that won’t stop one from visiting, especially for those looking that healthy dose of Christian inspiration and beauty.

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