Elder Care


My Elder Advocate

At last someone who cares for our elders and has the knowledge and experience to do something about it. This blog is a great vehicle in helping educate families so they too can ensure that quality care is given to their loved ones.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Simple template with a white background, red headers, gray text, small fonts, and a small image to accompany each entry. The blog looks a little like it contains news snippets (which it does too) and is not that great looking. It’s but could use a little help in the graphic design department.

User Friendliness – 9

Very user friendly except for one thing. The default font size is too small. It makes reading the entries pretty hard and the links on the sidebar almost impossible to read.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

This blog is not your usual personal blog nor a literary blog where one can find really enjoyable posts. This doesn’t mean that entries aren’t well written, because they are. It’s just that the nature of the blog is more of newsy and educational and the theme a heavy one resulting to an overall serious tone with lots of lengthy posts. You can be sure though that though it makes for heavy reading the entries are also very interesting since you’re bound to learn something new and very useful.

User Info – 10

All visitors will find this blog very useful. Even if you currently don’t have loved one in a Nursing Home it will surely help you educate you and make you aware of the things that are going on in such establishments and prepare you for the time you have to make important decisions.

Overall Experience – 8

I recommend everyone who has elderly loved ones to visit this site. It was an eye opener for me since I don’t have any experience with elderly care. To those who have experience with nursing homes though this blog will surely be a place where they can find a champion for their cause, someone that will help them address the pressing issues they face, and an expert who will help them make more solid decisions.

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