Bloggy Award Winner


If anyone told me that it is possible to blog solely about lip balms for a year I would never have believed that person. But here it is the blog about the fantastic and utterly addicting product called Chapsticks. This reminds me that I lost my tube a few months back. I’m buying one soon and would be choosing a brand that got a good rating in Chaptastic. This is for real.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A pleasant enough looking blog using a very simple template and a color scheme that works. It looks a little commercial though, not because of the ads since they are pretty well-contained but because of all the different chapstick brands in the posts. You can’t really do something about it though because the blog lives to review chapsticks and hopefully help the blog owner find the ultimate lip balm in the whole wide world.

User Friendliness – 8

A blog with readable fonts and basic blog navigation features. Of average user friendliness. Not much complaints but no real outstanding features either.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

For something that’s basically just about one thing this blog is pretty funny. The cool thing about reading this blog is that the reviews are actually useful but aside from that there are really quirky posts like news and trivia about lip balms that just amaze me. I never realized lip balms could ever be this interesting. Props to Chapstatic for making lip balms a topic that deserves discussion. On the whole though I still think that the majority of people in this world would rather read a blog that’s got a bit more variety to it.

User Info – 10

Totally useful for lip balm lovers. This blog contains EVERYTHING about lip balms. Chapstatic has reviews, news, trivia,videos, info on offers and discounts, lip care tips, and just about anything else related to the product. If you need to know anything about lip balms they will also willingly answer your questions.

Overall Experience – 9

Coolness. I never expected a blog of this nature to be this good. I’ve read some “product blogs” that have larger product lines and yet they fail to make their blogs as funny and as interesting as this one. This is one Chapstatic blog!

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