Dear Me


Dear Me

Upon first opening, I thought, “Wow! Busy!” But it was just the background of a slowly-loading page, and when the graphics came up it looked a bit more usable. Dear Me appears to be your basic personal blog, focused on the owner, who is a young Filipina lady.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Lots of pinks and mauves. A startling “star” background pattern that somehow, once the whole page is loaded, actually works. It’s easy on the reading eyes- which is always a plus.

User Friendliness – 7

It’s difficult to pick out what you really want to look at in this blog, and sometimes the owner dives into heavy Tagalog without translating. But that also adds to the flavour of the site, so I can’t complain too much

Reading Enjoyment – 7

For the type of blog it is, it’s pretty good. She writes well, but doesn’t have a lot of outside links.

User Info – 7

If you’re willing to dig in, she has some writings on politics and ecotourism that are fascinating, but you have to get through all the personal stuff- lists, horoscopes, etc. I originally rated this lower, but went back and looked around a little more.

Overall Experience – 7

She updates fairly frequently, there are lots of things to look at on the page and it’s very Filipina in flavour, giving those not from the Philippines a glance at what the people and country are like.