Console Updates

Console Updates
Console Updates is a blog focused on video games. They cover anything and everything about video games.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Console Updates has tons of screenshots, photos, and videos – definitely a lot of eye candy for everyone. The formatting could use some work, though, as the two right most columns look a little off.

User Friendliness – 8
The amount of photos and videos really slowed down page loading times considerably. The formatting and abundance of ads takes away from the experience, though.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
The entries in Console Updates are generally well-written but they could use more personal touches. Maybe the opinion of the blogger here and there would do the trick.

Useful Info – 9
There is a lot of information about the gaming world in the pages of Console Updates. However, I found some tags to be misplaced. For example, GTA IV was labeled as PSP – this is going to be released for PS3 and Xbox360.

Overall Experience – 8
Console Updates could use some work on the visuals, layout, and labeling. It does have a lot of great content for those who want to keep themselves updated on video games, though.



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