Lady Java

lady java
Lady Java
Lady Java is the personal blog of a young lady from Malaysia. She explains her moniker as “I’m a lady and a Javanese by race. I was born and bred in sunny Singapore in March, which makes me a Pisces – and am currently residing in Malaysia with the love of my life.”

Visual Aesthetics – 7
Lady Java’s visual theme makes you feel as if you were in outer space – it is a good thing, actually. However, the rest of the visuals do not seem to blend with each other.

User Friendliness – 7
The pages load up fine but I had some problems seeing the font clearly at times, due to the background effects. The layout of the ads, links, and other elements of the pages also left me confused. It’s also a bit of hassle that when you click on other pages, you get ads before being redirected.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
There were some posts which caught my attention – like that one about being a mother. Most of the other posts I was really not able to relate to. I am sure that Lady Java’s circle of friends would think otherwise, though.

Useful Info – 8
Lady Java has some insights to share to her readers. She is especially good when it comes to love and relationships.

Overall Experience – 7
Lady Java clearly puts her personal stamp on her blog. It is quite an interesting blog to visit every now and then.



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