– Your mobile app. Our cloud services - Your mobile app. Our cloud services – Your mobile app. Our cloud services prides themselves in providing excellent support to mobile app developers. Founded by a team of developers, the group promises to give developers the backend support they need so they can focus on what matters most: building apps!

Visual Aesthetics – 10
With a very clean white background, mid-sized fonts (in various colors), and relevant images here and there, the blog is pleasant to view. And since it’s for developers, the snippets of code you see everywhere helps as well!

User Friendliness – 9
You can find posts on by browsing the archives, or clicking on the tags or categories at the bottom of each entry. Relevant links are also found within the posts. The only thing that can be tweaked is how the posts are displayed on the homepage. Perhaps snippets can be shown so as to not make the user scroll and scroll – and scroll some more – to see more content.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
The average Internet user will probably not enjoy the blog, but if you are a mobile app developer, then you’re a perfect fit.

Useful Info – 10
The blog has a very targeted audience, and the content has a specific focus, making sure that the readers walk away with something useful.

Overall Experience – 9 is a must-visit for any mobile app developer. And even if you’re just starting out, you will get a lot out of the blog.



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