City Pictures

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City Pictures
City Pictures is the blog of Mike Ferraro wherein he discusses most any topic under the sun and showcases his artwork in the entries. Caution: not for those with sensitive sensibilities.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
One strong point of City Pictures is the visual aspect. The header and the numerous art within the entries all seem to be created by the blogger himself and definitely add character to the whole blog. The formatting is such that the overall look of the City Pictures is pleasant to the eyes.

User Friendliness –
City Pictures is well organized, making it very easy for any reader to navigate the blog. The links are all located on the right hand column while the main entries are on the bigger main column. I didn’t have problems with page load time either.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Mike writes in a very amusing manner. It seems that he engages his readers with every post he publishes. Some of the topics may not be deemed proper by some people but hey, the blog has its own target readers who can appreciate the topics.

Useful Info – 8
It could very well be that the aspect of useful information is where City Pictures can use some improvement on. This is not to say that you cannot pick up some useful information along the way but let’s just say that this is not the strongest point of City Pictures.

Overall Experience – 9
If you are looking for something fun and yet relevant at the same time, City Pictures is a good blog to visit. If only for the unique art, I would visit City Pictures regularly.



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  1. I agree that his content appeals not to mainstream people. But generally, his hilarious in his rant! Reading it was as if reading a portion of his mind.
    He’s brought a great punch of humor in the blogging world… his drawings are raw.. but effort is placed in coming up with those illustrations. Hey a picture paints a thousand words right? So he has made use of the power of illustration to transcend words.

  2. Holy crap, thanks for reviewing me! I was wondering why I suddenly got a burst in viewers. Hopefully some of them will stay.

    Thanks again tema

  3. Thanks for reviewing me. You’ll probably increase my readership from 11 a day to 40. I really appreciate all the wonderful things you have said.