City Buoy

City Buoy
City Buoy is the personal blog of Nyl Lim, a 22-year-old guy from the Philippines. He describes himself as being “fond of adverbs, a slave to the corporate world, to the people he loves, and the vices of the world.” That kind of description is certainly holds a lot of promise, eh?

Visual Aesthetics – 10
City Buoy makes use of a simple template, reminiscent of a default one really. However, Nyl has done a good job of putting his personal touch on it, starting with the header. The posts themselves include graphics that add to the visual experience; all in all a good mix.

User Friendliness – 9
City Buoy is quite easy to navigate, and the pages load up very quickly. All sorts of links and banners and a chat box can be found in the right column, for those who need these kinds of things. There is also an archive section, which definitely helps in navigation. My only suggestion is to place the archives section in a more prominent place and maybe add a category cloud?

Reading Enjoyment – 10
City Buoy was submitted not by the blogger, but by a reader. After reading through some posts, I understood why the reader highly recommended City Buoy. It is very well-written and has a lot of quirky topics that just make you want to read more.

Useful Info – 7
City Buoy is a pleasure to read but I have to say that there isn’t much by way of practical information, which is quite common with personal blogs. However, Nyl does have a lot of insights to offer his readers, making his blog worth reading.

Overall Experience – 8
City Buoy is one personal blog that many people can relate to, even if they didn’t know the blogger personally. I suggest giving it a try – you’ll probably end up being a follower.



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