A Pug’s Life

img_1486A Pug’s Life
A Pug’s Life is the personal blog of Monica, and in it she shares a hodgepodge of things. From make up to fashion to little every day things – you can read all about this in her blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
A Pug’s Life uses a simple template, with a white background and two columns. The simplicity is accentuated with various photographs which are related to the blog posts. More so, there are visual elements incorporated into the right column, making for an overall visually pleasing experience.

User Friendliness – 9
Navigating A Pug’s Life is a breeze. There really is no problem with load time and the archives provide for a guided experience. However, I would have loved to have a category cloud to help in finding posts about specific topics.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I really enjoyed browsing through the posts in A Pug’s Life. While I do not really know anything about the blogger, I was able to relate to many of her posts; and this, in my mind is a good mark of a personal blog.

Useful Info – 8
As with a lot of personal blogs, you may not expect a lot of practical information in A Pug’s Life. There are some that you will find useful, though. Some examples: fashion tips, mattifying gel, and such.

Overall Experience – 9
A Pug’s Life is a personal blog that can appeal to a wide audience. It may appeal more to women, though, but it is a blog worth visiting. All its elements gel well together, and gives you a good example of what a personal blog can be.



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