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Blog U

Welcome to the Blogger University. Peer into the geeky side of Annie as she strives to give answers bloggers who need new ideas for personalizing their blogs.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The simple color scheme and cute header makes Blog U pleasant to look at. The three column layout with all the links on the two far right columns and the plentiful code and point by point instructions on many of the posts make it all look too technical and visually unappealing. You have to admit though that all the instructions and code are essential to be able to teach her readers what they need to know.

User Friendliness – 8

Plenty of ways to get around Blog U. Annie also made sure that bookmarking her posts will be easy for everyone regardless of the social bookmarking site the reader prefers. The large number of links on the right sidebar however could confuse the reader instead of be helpful.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

Blog U was not meant to be enjoyable with all the technical details found in each post. What you can say about it is that instructions are simplified and easy to follow so that even if you are not as great a geek as the author you can still use what she gave you to help you personalize your blog.

Useful Info – 10

This is where Blog U definitely kicks ass. In fact there’s so much information waiting to be read and processed if you visit Blog U that you’ll definitely get information overload if you try to understand and learn everything all at once.

Overall Experience – 7

If you are the type who likes to tweak with your blog then Blogger University is the place to learn. Annie doesn’t dish out generic advice but very detailed steps on how to add features so you can make your blog just the way you want it.

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