Cat Lady

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The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady claims that blogging is WAY cheaper than therapy and it is true. Hopefully it should be just as effective. The author practices “therapeutic blogging” as she tries to come to terms and finish her grieving process with the loss of her husband yet honor him through it all.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Good color scheme. Simple very effective layout. Use of expandable menus resulting in a very neat yet easy navigation scheme. Very few unobtrusive ads for charity. No photos to add to the beauty but nothing to retract from it either.

User Friendliness – 10

Very user friendly. As I mentioned earlier she used drop expandable menus for the catergories, archives, resources, and other features. Aside from the convenience of the expandable menus the features are conveniently placed on the left sidebar and written in a glaringly large font so you shouldn’t miss it. The absence of images and video clips make for very fast loading time too.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

The posts tend to get long but as soon as you get to one of her In Memory posts will definitely draw you and make you respect Amanda’s strength. The posts did tug at my heart so I ended up crying without tears, which most of her readers must do. She’s got plenty of fun posts and though she doesn’t like memes it seems that she still does them anyway.

User Info – 7

Not very many useful information to be found here. Though here and there you can find something worth reading about especially regarding cancer, which she vows to help fight.

Overall Experience – 8

This blog is all about Amanda and her simple daily existence. A 26 year old widow yes but reading will show that she is definitely more than that. This blog is about this courageous girl starting a new life and sharing it with her friends.

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