Bootstrap Analysis


Bootstrap Analysis

And now for something different….Bootstrap Analysis chronicles the life and musings of an urban field ecologist, with some great information and book reviews on wildlife, birds and much about the environment – all backed up by loads of wonderful photos and a healthy supply of resources. A real treat for concrete-jungle bloggers!

Visual Asthetics – 9

The green background is a clever choice – relaxing the readers’ eyes, giving one the feeling of nature. The blog also has fabulous photos with great resolution. One bird photo was so clear, I could actually see the intricacy of the feathers! The design of the site was also neatly organized. Good job on all fronts visually.

User Friendliness – 8

The About Me page needed to be refreshed twice before it went up, but the main page was fast enough in loading. Getting around wasn’t difficult either.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

I’m not exactly a keen bird-watcher or the nature-loving kind, but I absolutely loved the book reviews and interesting bits and pieces about the natural world I found on this blog. The entries were well-written, could easily be understood (none of those scary scientific terms), and most importantly, made me want to read more.

Useful Info – 10

A real glut of info here through its resources, and within the blog itself – mainly for wildlife and science, but also a great selection of book reviews and other intersting tidbits on current affairs, cats, and the environment.

Overall Experience – 9

A natural history delight combining some excellent book reviews and a bird watcher’s blog. A unique combination if I ever saw one. Good and understandable wildlife information, which the blogger has made accessible to pretty much anybody . Lovely photos, great design, a site where you can enjoy the scenery, and probably even learn a thing or two.