Tricia’s Musings

Tricia's Musings
Tricia’s Musings

This is an entertaining personal blog from the mouth of Tricia, a self-proclaimed nurse and wife. Tricia reflects on the good life featuring topics that range from marriage to gardening and all the way to reptiles (she throws in a healthy dose of complaining as well!).

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The header image is top notch, featuring a “The Sims” like graphic of Tricia the red headed nurse standing in her home with an iguana, roses, plants and her nurse equipment. Not only is the site design fresh and clean but you immediately get a feeling for Tricia’s interests and personality. Perfect use of graphics on this site.

User Friendliness – 8

For the most part, the site is easy to navigate with links to categories and archived posts. However, I was a bit annoyed by the load time when clicking on any of the links. For some reason, the user is taken to a different domain which doesn’t load quickly. From the users perspective, there also seem to be too many ads and links to blog promotion sites.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Nice long, juicy posts that are frequently updated. Top 10 (or 13 lists) make for a worthwhile read. The site also features classic “I can totally relate” moment such as when Tricia describes her husband’s poor fashion sense.

Useful Info – 7

The blog is more for entertainment than anything, and the content is mostly geared towards women. From those two points of view, the site is superb. However, there’s not much here for the average guy (duh!)

Overall Experience – 8

This blog shines first and foremost because of its design. Well done! The design pulls you in and makes you feel at home while you read about the author’s thoughts on life and everything else. The site updated frequently with substantial content that is worthy of your read…if the social life of a married nurse peeks your interest.