Sensorcaine is yet another of those blogs written by witty, intelligent and outspoken women. If you’re a woman, reading the blog will make you proud to be one. If you’re a man, you’re likely to have a better appreciation for women after reading Sensorcaine. The blog is written in a light-hearted tone, but the underlying sentiment is serious and full of wisdom. I particularly love the series on Sensorcaine‘s personal experiences with pregnancy, which comes in several “chapters“. The words are so vivid they come to life. I almost feel like I’m going through her experiences as an expectant mum!

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog’s base template is a default from Blogger, but Sensorcaine has done customizations of her own, resulting in a sight very pleasing to the eye. The site’s general feel is earthy (in a good way), as most of the color schemes involve some shade or hue of brown or grey.

User Friendliness – 7

While the blog’s design is a sight to behold, the copy tends to be difficult to read because of the combination of font used (sans serif) and color (a reddish shade of brown), which tends to be a bit difficult to read, especially with the neutral background. At some points, the contrast gets too low for reading pleasure. Also, the site doesn’t summarize long posts, so you’ll be stuck with a long front page every time you access the blog from the main URL.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

As mentioned earlier, the blogger’s writings can border on the very silly, but the underlying message is clear and straightforward, and is usually serious. So it’s a fun read! Updates are not very frequent, though, and Sensorcaine will leave you wanting more.

Useful Info – 8

There are not that many links on Sensorcaine‘s blog, but what I really dig is the series on her personal pregnancy experiences. It’s definitely more fun to read than a pregnancy book!

Overall Experience – 8

Sensorcaine is a good read. It’s light-hearted and very witty, with a little sprinkling of serious ideas and lessons in life that are shared quite implicitly. Sensorcaine writes quite well and her words have a way of touching one’s heart, whether the reader be man or woman.