Binary Blond


Binary Blond

Binary Blond
is basically about the activities, opinions and travels of a twenty something vegan who is from South California. This animal welfare crusader leads a very remarkable and action packed life, hence the exceedingly interesting blog. It?s truly amazing how multi faceted she is, as can be seen in her entries.

Visual Aesthetics ? 8

The blog is presented in a very light mannered fashion, which is really pleasing to the eyes and even the soul. The pictures found in every entry compliment the feel and gist of the topics being discussed. As one can see, the author has a knack for photography.

User Friendliness ? 8

I loved moving up and about the whole site because everything is streamlined from the entries on the left side and the categories and archives on the right side. There is even a search field.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

I enjoyed reading Binary Blond as it was a complete departure from the usual. The author?s genuine compassion for the animals and her commitment to the volunteer work she?s involved in is truly inspiring. Makes you want to contribute in your own little way.

Useful Info ? 9

Animal lovers would really learn a lot from the author, from signing up for special events concerning animal rescue to self-help books.

Overall Experience ? 9

This is a very well organized, original and fascinating blog. The author?s personal accounts regarding animals and other things related to their rescue, care and eventual adoption really strikes a chord.