The Angel Within


The Angel Within

We?re all too familiar with how soccer moms and PTA President Moms function and go about their day. How about the not so perfect and indignant moms? The author of this blog is a mother of two and she is no Soccer Mom. Get to know her as she shares her personal stories.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

This blog is exceptionally well made. It is almost perfect- from the colors used, the scant images and the positioning of the posts. I especially liked how one could change the way the blog looked- by selecting an alternate skin for it. That was cool.

User Friendliness ? 8

At first glance, one could already see that this isn?t your typical ‘run of the mill’ blog. Yet when you start fiddling around, you experience that familiar feeling of browsing, scrolling and clicking that we come to know and love so well. It was really easy to navigate around the blog. The categories and other links are all placed in their appropriate places.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

A very intriguing read. There never seems to be a lackluster day or a dull post with this writer. You don’t know what she?ll do next. Her thoughts are sometimes bordering on the insane, but that is what makes this blog interesting. It?s like looking into our own thoughts and feelings on the days that we feel down and out. The only difference is that this gal has the cojones to write them down and tell the whole world about it.

Useful Info ? 7

Psychology majors, psychiatrists and self-help gurus will have a field day if they get wind of this blog, whilst the average Joe might just stay away from it if their curiosity doesn?t get the best of them.

Overall Experience ? 8

This blog is definitely not for everyone, but I enjoyed reading the posts because of its distinctive character- which separates it from many other blogs out there.