Legal Downloads


Downloading Legally

The author of this blog shares how to download stuff off the Internet legally, which is no small feat. Current news about downloads and other relevant information regarding download processes is also tackled in this site.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

There is not much fanfare with regards to the blog?s visuals. There are no distractions and unnecessary images. The straightforward approach of the site gives you a no-nonsense feel.

User Friendliness – 7

I love how the site is put together. The simplicity of the layout makes sure that the reader won?t get lost, as is usually the case in other sites that has tons of useless clutter that just takes up electronic realty for no apparent reason. The snippets of information found in every link are very useful. After reading them, you can decide whether to click on a link that will take you to a more in-depth article about what you were reading.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

If you like reading straight news, then this blog will certainly be a hit for you. All the important information are found in just a few sentences.

Useful Info – 7

This blog is a rich resource about downloading stuff off the net, legally. The site is relatively young, so I am sure that the author isn?t done yet with talking about legal downloads and how to do them. I?m sure to stay tuned.

Overall Experience – 7

Downloading Legally is an excellent site. The idea here is very noble and I?m all for it, it?s like being in a crusade.