Belmont Flooring Center

Belmont Flooring Center

The Belmont Flooring Center blog offers information on flooring particularly hardwood floors available in Charlotte. It features tips and tricks on maintaining floors and details of where to find flooring installation services in the area.

 Visual Aesthetics – 9

Visually, the blog looks very simple with a white background. However, it lacks photos on the home page which could add to its appeal.

User Friendliness – 10

The links in place are working fine and will help visitors navigate around the site and visit other pages.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Homeowners, renovators and builders can find interesting content on the site which they can apply in their homes and projects.

Useful Info – 10

People particularly the homeowners can learn a thing or two about flooring from the blog. The detailed information provided is indeed very useful.

Overall Experience – 9

It should be an enriching experience visiting the blog what with the informative posts including the tips and tricks.



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