Ashin Mettacara

Ashin Mettacara
Ashin Mettacara is the blog of a Buddhist monk who is from Burma. He blogs because he wants to spread the word about what is really happening in his country. The plight of the Burmese people used to be a focal point in international affairs but lately, it has been overshadowed by other issues. This blog intends to keep the world aware that Burma is still in a state of disarray and they still need the help of the outside world.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Ashin Mettacara is a very simple blog in terms of the visuals. Apart from the header, which is also stark, there isn’t much by way of visual effects. The pictures and videos contained within the site do add to the visual experience, though.

User Friendliness – 9
There is a lot of content to be found in Ashin Mettacara. They are easy on the eyes of the reader but navigation is a little bit hard as there are no sections for the chronological archives or categories. You can navigate the blog by clicking on the menu items below the header although you won’t find them arranged by category. The news and other links on the left column help a lot if you are looking for additional information.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I wouldn’t use the term “enjoy” in its strictest sense for Ashin Mettacara for how can you enjoy reading about the plight of a whole nation? However, you will definitely find yourself reading, reading, and reading some more. Ashin Mettacara is relatively well written to provide the necessary information on what is going on in Burma.

Useful Info – 10
Ashin Mettacara’s strongest point is in the information that it offers. Seeing the real situation in Burma, from an insider’s point of view, is something else. If you are not aware of their situation, then this blog will certainly open your eyes. And if you already know some things about Burma, you will appreciate the stark honesty that can be found within the posts.

Overall Experience – 9
Ashin Mettacara is a political and social blog that is worth reading over and over again. I admire Ashin Mettacara for having the courage to spread the news to the rest of the world, knowing that he might get in trouble for doing so. I strongly encourage you to support him in any way you can, even if it’s only by reading his blog.


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