The visual theme of Petroville is an inviting little house, very appropriate since the owner, Mama K, is in the process of moving from one house to the next and writing plenty about the trials of doing so. This is a fun blog, often quite funny, and though men probably won’t care much for it, moms are likely to go crazy about it.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

Visually, this is a nice blog, easy to read. It’s a little disconcerting when I scroll to see the text moving and the little garden staying stationary, but once I got used to it, it wasn’t so bad. The problem, though, with the stationary garden is I feel a little claustrophobic. Others might feel cozy. Other graphics are quite nice, too, with an interesting flip-flops theme running throughout the site.

User Friendliness ? 8

You must pay attention to catch everything about this blog. The links to the different sections are done as signposts in the large graphic at the top, and blog fans used to sidebar links are going to be caught off-guard. Once you’re past that, though, the navigation is fine, and the blog itself feels like a community.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

Someone’s going to yell about this, but I had mixed feelings. Sometimes I laughed out loud. Other times, the humor here felt forced. I think this blog is at its best when the author is simply talking about her everyday life; these posts are not always funny, but they do always feel real.

Useful Info ? 7

This is primarily a personal blog, but has the advantage of a fairly large friend community who post regularly. You’ll find bits of good information here, but for the most part it’s a friendly personal blog with some good mom advice and a very feminine feel.

Overall Experience ? 8

This was a really nice blog, and I enjoyed it despite the claustrophobia. I felt as if I was welcomed into the home at Petroville. Very fun!