All Night


All Night

This site confused me in the beginning; it was a slow load, and when it came up, the cast of CSI was this personal blog’s top image, and the text is teeny-tiny. I have great eyes for reading teeny-tiny, and it was hard even on me! So first thing, I don’t know what’s going on, and I can’t read the site without squinting.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

It’s a very brown site, which can be soothing or depressing, depending on your mood. The picture of the CSI cast is misleading; I’d rather see something else up here more exemplary of what the blog’s about.

User Friendliness – 4

Gah, it’s hard to read this site! Little text squished together tight was not a great choice. Also, there are two scrolls- your regular browser window scroll, and then the scroll window the text is embedded in. That’s frustrating, but what’s worse is that the embedded scroll doesn’t have a visible handle, at least not one my computer displayed.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

‘Sall right. It’s a personal blog, but she’s got some good links. It was very hard to get into, again, because of teeny-tiny text. She’s not a perfect writer, but not a bad one either

Useful Info – 5

There are links sprinkled throughout that are useful, and the occasional bit of news. It’s very hard to gauge usefulness of information, however, when you can’t . . . I know I don’t have to say it again.

Overall Experience – 5

We’ll upgrade when the text gets more readable!

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