Daily Bitch

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The Daily Bitch

No she isn’t a bitch but she does love to bitch about life though she doesn\’t sound bitchy as she does it. Short posts full of personality and stories and ideas worth reading.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

Brown. That’s the first thing you’ll see and the thing that sticks the most with just one look. After that you\’ll notice how the layout for her posts is pretty unconventional with all the lines to separate each topic, which is a pretty good idea to help users know where something starts and ends although it doesn’t make for a pretty looking back. In addition to this there’s just too much going on at the sidebars so that the blog looks like a mess of a scrapbook.

User Friendliness – 7

As mentioned above the lines between the topics in each entry is quite effective. However it does feel weird if you’re not used to it but after reading just a few entries it actually feels nice to read a “compartmentalized” entry. A big problem with the blog is that it isn’t that easy to navigate due to the lots and lots of links that make it a bit messy. And though it’s just small detail the menu titles “Editorial” and “Microfiche” that substitutes for “Recent/Previous Posts” and “Archives” also adds to the confusion.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

A pretty enjoyable blog to read. The author is not one to post long boring entries but goes for a single entry with varied topics that are of interest to her and her readers of course. Monty Mojo is interesting and so are her though provoking posts. Her posts don’t just bitch about mundane stuff but actually bitches about stuff people should care for and think about once in a while. And oh yes, she’s also funny.

User Info – 7

Again not much useful information here. read a lot of posts and you\’ll get interesting and useful tidbits once in a while. Visitors also help out with making the blog more useful with their comments.

Overall Experience – 7

This blog needs a better look but has good content. Monty manages to be funny most of the time and when she isn’t she surprises us with thought provoking entries.

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