Coffee Blog


Coffee Blog

Coffee is an experience and Coffee Blog shares that experience with the readers of this blog in ‘easy to read‘ articles and some fun images. Here is a blog that shares the delight of a delicious, rich cup of java.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

I love the header image of this blog. Simple, elegant and rich just like its topic. Each article has an image that is apt to each article and adds to the color of each piece.

User Friendliness – 9

This blog is really simple to navigate and is easy to load. The categories are very simple and it is really easy to find information about various coffee beans, blends and recipes.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Reading this blog is like chatting with a friend about coffee. It is very relaxed. There is something here for everyone whether you’re a coffee neophyte and just beginning to learn about coffee or if you are a coffee afficionado. The articles are light and easy to read with some interesting recipes to try out.

User Info – 9

This blog talks about everything coffee – its history, recipes, preparations, reviews. There are even reviews of various cafes and coffee news. There is a little bit about the various aspects of coffee that will help anyone appreciate coffee even more.

Overall Experience – 9

Coffee Blog is a great place to visit to learn about coffee. Reading this blog is like drinking a cup of great coffee. It warms and soothes even as it perks up your interests.