Woodfired Social

Woodfired social

Woodfired Social is a community where avid fans of wood fired oven share experiences, views, techniques, recipes and other useful information with each other. It also welcomes beginners such as those still planning to install a wood fired oven in their homes.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The blend of white, grey and yellow is fine but the huge Wood Fired Oven Community banner on the home page takes up a lot of space and could be reduced to display the more important content on the site. The banner could be improved some more to make it more attractive to visitors.

User Friendliness – 9

Woodfired oven fans can easily navigate around the site. Links to the different pages are displayed on the top of the page and the blog posts are also show on the lower part of the home page. It would be best, though, if the different categories under the Wood Fired Oven Community section are linked to their specific pages as well.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Anybody passionate about woodfired ovens or interested in knowing about this cooking equipment will have a nice time reading through the site’s content. Whether it’s connecting with experts and enthusiasts, sharing recipes, taking part in discussions or simply browsing through the site, an enjoyable experience awaits you here.

Useful Info – 9

There’s so much to learn here about woodfired ovens from like-minded people, the experts and suppliers. The blog posts including recipes being shared are also very useful. There’s also an option to subscribe to updates including advice and techniques on the site.

Overall Experience – 9

An interesting and enriching experience awaits enthusiasts of woodfired ovens and those interested to learn about it when visiting the site. It’s a valuable online resource worth following.

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