A Modern Wayfarer

A Modern Wayfarer

A Modern Wayfarer – Global Travel for the Imaginative Traveler blog is authored by copywriter and media strategist Stefanie Acworth and aims to provide people with a travel guide through the unique stories and reviews of boutique hotels it shares. It targets not only the young but even the young at heart.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

On first visit, anybody who loves to travel would immediately fall in love with the site what with its clean look and well organized content. The images on each post also add to the blog’s appeal.

User Friendliness – 10

There’s so much to explore on the site but it’s easy to go around as all links are working and direct to the right pages ensuring you won’t get lost.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Travelers and those who simply want to learn people and places can be sure to have a great time reading through the site’s content. With the posts written in a casual manner, it’s easy to get hooked to them and read some more.

Useful Info – 9

The author of the blog shares valuable information about her travels, well known people, great holiday destinations and boutique hotel reviews. All these are aimed at helping people notably the travelers book an enjoyable vacation wherever they’re headed to.

Overall Experience – 9

Whether you’re traveling soon or later or you simply want to be entertained with travel stories, A Modern Wayfarer is a useful site to follow. One is sure to gain valuable insights from the well written posts shared by the author.

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