Truly Hideous Gifts

Truly Hideous Gifts
Truly Hideous Gifts is your place to go to if you want to see the most awful gifts that have ever been given. Got one of your own? Share it in this blog!

Visual Aesthetics – 10
While I would not say that the gifts pictured in Truly Hideous Gifts make for eye candy, you really cannot fault the blog in terms of visuals. Relevant photos, good design – good viewing experience.

User Friendliness – 9
Truly Hideous Gifts is very well designed, making navigation easy as pie. My only suggestion is to add a categories or labels section, to make it easy to find certain kinds of gifts.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
How can one not enjoy reading through Truly Hideous Gifts? While anyone would hate receiving a hideous gift, it is fun to read about other people’s experiences with them.

Useful Info – 10
You can say that the information in this blog is useful in two ways. One, you will know what to to stay clear off the next time you go gift hunting. Two, you will know what to give the person you want to receive a bad gift. Very useful indeed.

Overall Experience – 9
Truly Hideous Gifts is one of a kind, one of those blogs that will certainly give you a lot of fun. I am actually thinking of digging up some old things and see if I can share a hideous gift.


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  1. OH! I see- you choose 2 blogs from the ones you have reviewed throughout the month for the awards. I understand now! Well, I will just have to keep my fingers fiercely crossed!
    Thanks so much again for the wonderful review, it is very much appreciated.